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History is an extremely versatile and interesting subject to study. With the availability and access to various forms of information, whether it is the Internet, books, DSTV (History Channel and National Geographic) or even the movies, History can fulfil everybody’s interest.

At Bryanston High the History Department made it their mission to let the learners understand that History is not just names and dates in a textbook that they have to memorize. It is ACTUAL stories of REAL people.  History is alive. Everything that happened in the past had such a great influence on where and who we are today. We teach the learners that History should never be forgotten and that it is full of lessons to be learnt to better equip us for the future.

Learners are taught valuable life skills in History. We teach them how to write a proper academic essay, how to take a stand and most importantly how to defend that viewpoint through justification. We are passionate about History at Bryanston High, and we strive to ignite some of that passion in our learners.

The History Staff: Mrs L. Lategan (Subject Head), Ms E. Pretorius,
Miss R. de Agrella, Mr D. Hallendorff.