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Life Orientation


Life orientation is an excitingly diverse subject, incorporating many aspects of life. Most people who matriculated more than a decade ago, will remember life skills, guidance counselling, PT classes and religious studies. However, Life orientation (LO) has evolved into a holistic subject encompassing emotional, physical, spiritual and mental aspects of life. For example: Life orientation provides a learner with the necessary skills to compile a CV, understand relationships, find a career, learn about lifestyle diseases or understand why democracy is necessary in our country….to name but a few.

Life orientation is a compulsory subject from grade 8-12.

Based on the National Curriculum Statement, grades 8, 9 & 12 follow 4 learning outcomes in 2013:

  • LO 1: Personal well-being
  • LO 2: Citizenship
  • LO 3: Recreation and physical well-being
  • LO 4: Career and career choices

Grades 10 & 11 follow the CAPS (Curriculum and assessment policy statement) syllabus of 2013:

  • Development of self in society
  • Social & environmental responsibility
  • Democracy and Human rights
  • Career and career choices
  • Study skills

Physical Education is a compulsory component of the LO curriculum. Each term a learner has to complete physical activity assessments that count towards their overall LO mark. Currently, grades 8 & 9 do not have formal physical education lessons, but it will be implemented in 2014. Grades 10-12 have a 1 hr compulsory physical education lesson in a 6 day cycle. This is a structured curriculum with supervision and assessments. We have a good relationship with a variety of tertiary institutions, who provide valuable information to matrics throughout the year and offer bursary opportunities to our learners.

In February, we have an annual Career expo at Bryanston High. This provides our matrics and their parents the opportunity to ask as many questions to over 30 exhibitors.

Life orientation staff:

Mr H. Vorster - Subject Head
Miss M. Van Rooyen (educator)
Miss K. Martin (educator & Physical education co-ordinator)
Mrs Phillips (educator)
Mr D Hallendorff (educator)
Ms S Horstmann 

 Life Orientation