The Leadership in Action programme (LIA) is aimed at the Grade 11 students. The students are elected on to the LIA committee which is co-ordinated by an Executive committee. The students are divided up into groups and each of these groups is responsible for organising various events throughout the year. All the funds raised from these events is accumulated and spent on specific projects identified within the school.

Examples of the events organised are Carnival Day, Golf Days, Ms Elegance/Pizazz/Mr Bryanston, Valentine’s Day, Talent Shows, Movie Nights, Spring Ball and many more.

This programme is an integral part of our leadership development programme and it helps to give our students experience in taking responsibility for and managing an event. It teaches important skills like, planning, budgeting, managing people, managing finances as well as working with deadlines.

This programme helps to identify the future leaders of the school. When the Grade 11’s vote for Councillors for their matric year they have some experience on which students will be good leaders.

Carnival Day was held recently.......