Our School

Statement of Mission

Bryanston High School strives to provide quality education within a caring environment that balances the pursuit of academic excellence and the development of essential life skills, so as to empower all of the learners to achieve their potential and meet the challenges of a dynamic society, as responsible citizens.
  • We offer a wide range of academic subjects
  • We offer a wide range of extra-murals, all of which we excel at, and we achieve maximum participation amongst our pupils
  • We pride ourselves as the top university exemption school in our area
  • Our facilities are of the best quality
  • The school has a magnificent pavilion for school and community use
  • We have two of the best computer centres in our community for students use
  • We have one of the most up-to-date administrative programmes
  • We believe in the importance of computer education as a lifelong skill
  • We have trained counsellors to assist students in confidential and personal matters
  • Our Governing Body is pro-active in employing the most dynamic teachers available
  • Education should be academic
  • Education should be new South African
  • Academic activities should always have priority
  • Sport and Cultural Activities should play an important role in education
  • Education should be child-orientated
  • Discipline should at all times be strict, but sympathetic and fair
  • Education is a partnership between the educators, the parents and the child
  • The English character of the school is important
  • Education has an entrepreneurial emphasis
  • Education is community based